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Wingnut Cycles began as an anti-biker biker movement in 1995 in a squatter occupied building on NYC's Lower East Side. Wingnut Cycles is about sharing a love for two, three wheeled vehicles regardless of size or make, while maintaining a sense of humor.


          You may self proclaim yourself as a member of Wingnut Cycles!



Van began his love of bikes at age 9 when he jumped a Sears mini bike on a dare.* This started a love affair that has entered its 4th decade. Van also makes up Wingnut Racing and was a full time Motorcycle Safety Instructor, though to see him race you'd never know. He proudly maintains his "I wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have me as a prospect" attitude. He did a stint as an EMT and went on to Dispatch ambulances in Brooklyn. Van has since hung up his stethoscope, shifted gears  and was driving a Biodiesel Tanker until a race crash ended that. Van, having healed from the crash that ended his race career has made a full recovery and has spent his time on an ATC200X, BW350, TY200 (mono trials bike) and a 1989 RMX250. He can be found tearing up trails and motocross tracks. Any and all donations can be made through to 
 * eventually we broke the mini bikes frame, escaped unscathed and moved onto bikes that had suspension. 
Bear is working with machinist, bike builder, and painter Peter Hunstein building bio-diesel powered motorcycles.